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PurpleDove is one powerful software tool you need to upscale your business. Its uniqueness is in the value it gives to businesses of various capacities in a simple yet powerful way. Purple dove provides the all in one platform for the daily running of your business saving you the stress of using multitudes of app and also helps saves tons of time.


Manage processes across your organization

Business Automation now Easily Achievable

Improved organizational productivity and efficiency is the aim of every business and also our company’s desire. At purple dove, we help bridge the gaps amongst various departments. From properly managed accounting system to seamless customer services, we are here to offer nothing but the best.With teamwork, resilience, dedication, flexibility, and subject-matter expertise being the key factors that underpin our unique methodologies; we sure have a long term vision to give your business the much needed step up.

Our unique and dynamic Culture

We exceed clients’ expectation in everyway

We are passionate about the people within our space. We strive with every possible ethical instrumentation in ensuring the success of our clients’ business. We believe that the primary way to ensure success for our clients is to operate a fully transparent style.Exceeding client’s expectations is our prime goal and belief. Our culture can be summarized in two phrases: “People above Systems; People above Tools”. People here refer to firstly customers; secondly, Staff and Partners and thirdly, Investors and Creditors


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Purple dove will help actualize your unique business vision

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP)

We implement systems to help automate your business accounting processes, unite financial operations, and improve process flow with our ERP solution. Whether it is about receiving payment from customers, paying wages to employees.


Explore our Wide range of Service for Business

Explore Purple Dove service to ease your product onboarding and utilization

Customer Support Systems.

Purple dove Helpdesk software is designed to make your business deliver better customer experience and improving your customer relationships. This simple and easy to use system assists with prioritizing, tracking, and solving customer support tickets efficiently.

Bespoke Application Development

We have a seasoned Software Engineering team to implement your next mission-critical bespoke web, mobile or desktop applications. Our combination of world-class Agile SDLC methodology and modern tech-stack, your solution is a call away to reality. With our team: you envision, we materialize!

IT Management Suite

We provide a flexible IT plan to meet your organizational needs. Be it outsourced IT, MSP support or IT help desk. We empower teams to access remote computers instantly to ensure reliability and success of digital businesses.


Exceptional MIS and ERP solutions

Unify Data And Achieve Results

Our MIS and ERP solutions fit the needs of every startup, small, medium and large scale organizations. Our professional and talented team is committed to driving exceptional business results, and we take personal pride in everything we do. Our greatest success and strength comes from working together as a team with our experienced employees, partners, and customers.Our solutions are accompanied with amazing benefits and that includes: Automate core processes, Make better decisions, Future-proof business, Increase productivity.



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Purple Dove is an all-in-one platform for running your company on a daily basis, saving you time and worry from having to use several apps.

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